About our Company

We have been in business since 2006 starting out in the apparel decorating market manufacturing rhinestone heat transfers. With the mixed media trend gaining popularity we were looking for a way to add lace and fabric to rhinestone heat transfers. Not happy with the fusible adhesives we found available on the market set us on the path to developing Hotfix Adhesive™ 

Hotfix Adhesive™  is the perfect partner to any home cutter.  It is easy to work with and applies with an house hold iron to any Fabric or Paper.  It even works with photos since it is acid free.  It is a permanent bond and is washable.  If you are using Hotfix Adhesive™ on a sewing project such as Appliqué, it will not gum up on your needle.  It will not get thick and hard when you are layering small pieces on top of each other.