Patch Seal Adhesive 25 foot roll

Iron On Patch Adhesive - No SEW
Price: $34.98


Patch Seal is made for  patches, emblems, and badges. No Sew Permanent Iron On adhesive.  Patch Seal has a paper backing that will allow you to trace your patch for a perfect fit.  Patch Seal can be applied to your patch with a household iron or a heat press.  Leave the paper backing on the patch until you are ready to apply to your project.  When you are ready to apply  patch, peel the paper backing off and iron or heat press onto you project.  Patch seal is permanent and does not require stitching.  However if you would like to stich as a decorative touch it will not gum up on your needle. 

330-350 degrees (Iron Cotton Setting No Steam) 15 seconds press time / flip and press again 

Heat Press – 330-350 degrees press for 12 -15 seconds medium to heavy pressure.