Hotfix Adhesive 12" x 50 Yard Roll

A New No Sew Permanent Fusible

Are you tired of waiting for an adhesive that has no fibers or webbing so it makes cutting fabric on our home cutters actually easy and fun to do?  

How about no more gummy broken needles and machines or pieces that shift around before we can get to our machine to stitch? 

A fusible that does not wash away resulting in applique that lifts or even better a fusible that does not require any stitching because it is permanent.  

What if it had a paper backing to make tracing our patterns easy to do by drawing or running through an inkjet printer. 

The wait is over

Hotfix Adhesive™ is here.

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Sale Price: $130.45


Applies with a House Hold Iron.

12" x 50 yard Roll

50 Yards by 12" Hotfix Adhesive.

Permanent Bond Adhesive Fabric to Fabric.  No mess!  Washable! Cut out the size you need and use an iron to seal the fabric together.  Watch the videos below.

Hotfix Adhesive works with home cutters by bonding the adhesive with whatever material you want to cut. 

Perfect for Applique and no sew.  Just Iron on - permanent adhesive!  Allows you to sew with no gumming up of the needle.

Bonds to Fabric, Lace, Leather, paper, Photos and more.  It is the same adhesive we use on our Hotfix Fabric™.

Fuse the adhesive to your material using a household Iron.  Once your design is cut out you can iron it onto your project and it is permanent.

Application Instructions:

1. Preheat iron to Cotton Setting. Steam is not needed

2. Cut Hotfix Adhesive™ Sheet to match the size of your fabric.

3. Place Hotfix Adhesive™ side up. Printed side down on Ironing board. ( This side down

4. Place fabric on top of Hotfix Adhesive™ . Press the Iron straight down approximate for 10-15 seconds. This will anchor the fabric and Hotfix Adhesive™ . Then iron the rest of your fabric (back and forth motion) until you have covered the entire area of fabric and Hotfix Adhesive™.

5. Turn the fused fabric and Hotfix Adhesive™ over and iron again for 15 - 20 seconds. (cover the printed ink - possible to transfers ink onto the Iron.)

6. Let your fused Fabric & Hotfix Adhesive™ cool completely, then you are ready to cut your fused fabric.



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