Hotfix Adhesive InkJet Sheets

Price: $16.95


Printable Fusible - Print on any Inkjet Printer then Apply with a House Hold Iron.

12 - 81/2" x 11" Hotfix Adhesive Inkjet Sheets.

Print or scan your pattern direct to Hotfix Adhesive fusible, Iron the Fusible to your fabric and cut.  It is that easy!

Bonds to Fabric, Lace, Leather, paper, Photos and more.  It is the same adhesive we use on our Hotfix Fabric™.

Fuse the adhesive to your material using a household Iron.  Once your design is cut out you can iron it onto your project and it is permanent.

Application Instructions:
1. Preheat iron to Cotton Setting. Steam is not needed
2. Place sheet of Hotfix Adhesive with paper side to be printed on according
to your printer settings.
3. After printing allow ink to dry so your design does not smear.
4. Place Hotfix Adhesive™ side up. Printed side down on Ironing board.
(Iron this side
5. Place fabric on top of Hotfix Adhesive™. Press the Iron straight down for
approximate 10-15 seconds. This will anchor the fabric and Hotfix Adhesive™.
Then iron the rest of your fabric (back and forth motion) until you have covered the
entire area of fabric and Hotfix Adhesive™.
6. Turn the fused fabric and Hotfix Adhesive™ over and iron again for 30 – 35 seconds.
7. Let your fused Fabric & Hotfix Adhesive™ cool completely, then you are ready to cut
your fused fabric.
Applying after cutting:
1. Peel the protective paper backing off of the fused fabric.
2. Place prefused design, adhesive side down, in desired position on top of project.
Press and hold iron for 15 - 20 sec on each section until entire piece is bonded. After all
pieces are bonded to your project you can iron over the entire design